MDCAT 2021

National MDCAT

University of Health and Science conducts the MDCAT Medical entrance exam every year. To get admission in MBBS and BDS degree program, it is necessary to obtain good marks especially, to get admission to King Edward participants must get 65% marks. For any information about the MDCAT, comment below we will respond.

What is Eligibility for National MDCAT?

Students must pass FSC Pre-Medical from the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education.
• In the FSC examination, students must obtain 65% marks.
• In the MDCAT test, there must also be 60% marks.
• Candidates waiting for the result can also apply for MDCAT.
• Participants having Domical of any district can apply.

Merit List

A few weeks later of the MDCAT test, a merit list is issued, which contains all the detail about the final merit and the number of candidates selected by the institute.

National MDCAT preparation syllabus and tips

MDCAT Syllabus

MDCAT syllabus involve FCS Pre-Medical students deep understanding of the subject from where whole test is base on:

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • English

Biology and Chemistry has more percentage in the test as compare to Physics and English.

Down here, there is a pdf that contains subject-wise all the most important topics that come in the MDCAT paper. At the beginning of each subject, there is a content list that has important highlights regarding MDCAT. This syllabus helps a lot in preparation.

Suitable and Affordable institutes for MDCAT preparation

Kips Academy

The fee Structure for KIPS is described below:
• For three months of online MDCAT preparation, students will have to pay 25,000. If physical classes will be allowed by the Education Ministry then 5000 extra is also included in the admission fee.
• For LMDCAT(UHS Exclusive) preparation till the test begin students will have to pay 39,900.
• For LMDCAT (NUMS) preparation till the test date fee will be 42,900.

Why KIPS is best for MDCAT preparation?

KIPS is best because it has proven itself by giving the best results in MDCAT. Its method of MDCAT preparation is helpful for the students because it confirms a guarantee of success. This institute prepares students perfectly and ensures their best performance in the test. That’s why KIPS is a well-known institute for so many years.

Admissions are open for MDCAT 2021 preparation. So for that, you have to visit your nearest best KIPS campus. You will be guided here for whole criteria regarding fee, methods of preparation, and other related to your preparation and institute support.

Star Academy

Star Academy is also one of the most suitable academies for MDCAT preparation. This institute polishes student’s skill and knowledge also educate them very well to make their dreams come true. Star Academy is well known for many years for the preparation of MDCAT and ECAT. Admissions are open for 2021 MDCAT preparation for updates visit to your nearest Star academy campus.

How to start preparing for MDCAT

Are you worried about where do I start reading and preparing for MDCAT? For that, I will confidently say that your FSC pre-medical books are more than enough for MDCAT preparation. All you need to do is, have a tied grip on all the things you learn, and deep understanding is necessary.
As UHS has already announced that MDCAT will conduct from FSC books along with those if you want to get more satisfaction of your learning you can prepare MDCAT from a long time trusted and high-quality content consisting books UHS Past Paper and NUMS MDCAT

  • NUMS MDCAT Past Paper Guide

UHS past paper is perfect for MDCAT preparation, But you can also study and prepare from NUMS MDCAT Guide. It has been recommended many times because of its sophisticated and admirable content.
• It contains 4000+ MCQs
• NUMS past paper
• NUMS practice paper
• Subject wise preparation for easy understanding
• content is on the base of the NUMS Syllabus

Do self strength and weakness analysis

How you can do this analysis is not much difficult. All you have to do is take your FSC part 1 result and view Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English mark analyze that in which subject you got better marks. Compare the obtain marks of one subject paper with the other. The subjects paper in which you got good marks are your strength, other with low marks is your weak one.

After knowing this, do not worry so much about that. It is time to concentrate much more on the subject you are a bit weaker. First, try to prepare these subjects so that after that you prepare the remaining subjects test. During the whole preparation, you have to focus on your study without losing a patient. It’s not all about the test preparation. It’s about the strategies you make for better test preparation.

Solve MDCAT Past Paper contain keys

To make sure that how much you prepare for the exam, you should do this practice paper. By attempting this paper, you will come to know about the following thing
• Time management.
• Which subject is a bit time-consuming.
• Can you do calculations without a calculator or not?
• Is your strategy to solve the paper is satisfactory?
• Don’t forget to calculate your aggregate after the test.

Keep your mind stressles

During practice, one thing that you must avoid is stress. You should know that stress reduces our body and brain’s proper functioning. Our brain cannot learn and store things as our memory gets disturbed. You have to keep your body and brain healthy. For this purpose, proper sleep and healthy food are necessary, don’t avoid these two things.
These will help you be active all day, and obviously, you will grip things in a better way. So to enhance our learning and memorizing process, sleep and healthy food are a must. Your body will start corporating with you and brings you toward the achievement of your dreams.

Thing to remember forever

“No doubt Practice makes a man perfect.”
“Slow and steady, you can win the race.”

Surely determination, passion and hard work are key to success.

KEMU Registration Date and Schedule

The application form will be available on selected branches of some banks. But usually, application forms are only available in the admission office of the university.

Registration form fee varies from 500 to 1500 as per requirement.

Surely, the entry test MDCAT is a part of the admission process. Most medical colleges and universities declare their admission startup in June, and closing is held in August.

KEMU Merit Calculation Method

The criteria for the calculation of aggregate percentage is as following

  • Matriculation/Equivalent -10%
  • FSC. Pre-Medical/Equivalent -40%
  • MDCAT -50%

To apply against open merit and reciprocal seats, aggregate percentage should be 85% and more than 85% .

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