Introduction to Information Technology

Information technology definition

Information technology is all about storing processing and manipulating data that is the source of information using a computer system. IT provides many fields of learning and also offers careers like e-commerce, website design and development, IT project management, software engineering, Database management, digital information management, and many more.

Importance of information technology

Information technology has made life easy and efficient through its smarter and user-friendly invention. It has a lot of contribution in managing and handling data storage, quick processing, and widespread information within no time. Due to these qualities, IT is playing an important role in the progress of all kinds of business whether it could be small, medium, or large. Businesses are running more smoothly and effectively because IT innovations enhance product quality by adding reliability and easiness in manufacturing, storing/preserving, and delivering methods.

Daily, a huge amount of data is store and retrieve through software and hardware networks within no time, consuming fewer resources. IT has improved decision-making by combining and configuring data and turning it into information.        


In our daily life we see a lot of objects and directly or indirectly interact with them such as our mobile phone, our computer system to laptops, home machinery product, also in companies there are the printer, communication networker, and smarter room environment controller and not bounded here in medical fields, whether casting, social media platform and even in the army and other forces fields technology is doing wanders and making work easier and reliable.             

Scope of Information technology 

Although IT is playing a vital role by adding more and more innovative smarter applications and products it is not ending here it has much more to discover. 

It has some most important fields such as machine learning, the internet of things, data mining, network security, block-chain, big data management, cloud computing, web technologies, and web development. These all are the most emerging fields. 

Many types of research and developments are being made in this area but there is still much to learn, understand and invent. In our daily life there fields are playing a vital role      

Role of IT specialist in networks operations

IT department handles that organization’s network is running smoothly. It manages all the network installation, maintenance, and front end as well as backend operation. To ensure the correct functioning of the network an IT expert must manage the software and hardware of the system properly. Sometimes a little technical issue can become a big issue and affect the whole organization’s operation. So it becomes very necessary that network systems must be reliable, efficient, effective, and properly operating. This can be done only if its installation and maintenance are done carefully.

Emerging fields of IT   

Here is a list below that is display the most emerging fields:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning 
  • Internet of things
  • Data mining 
  • Front end web development
  • Back end web development
  • Database management
  • Network security 

Artificial Intelligent  

The most emerging field of computer science plays a vital role in complex decision-making. Hence it is the basis for computer learning. The basic purpose of AI is the enhancement of human understanding, perception, communication, and decisions making ability. These capabilities directly develop and put a positive impact on faster reaction.

Subfields of Artificial Intelligence 

Machine learning and deep learning fall under the subfields of artificial intelligence. Read More…

 Internet of things 

IoT is also the most popular field of IT. It works on the base of objects that are connected. These connected objects are capable of collecting and sharing data in real-time. 

Sensor, data processing, connectivity, and user interface must require to establish an IoT environment. Read More… 

 Data Mining      

Data mining can be defined as the process of extracting useful information from a huge dataset. It uses one or more software for inspecting the data patterns from larger data batches.

Data mining has the following different kinds:

  • Pictorial data mining method 
  • Text mining method 
  • Social Media Mining 
  • Web mining 
  • Audio & video mining method

Front end and back end web development  

As from the name we can see that both are different one is for back-end development and the other is for front-end development of the web. For two different side development, both use separate techniques and development methods.

For front-end development, client-side programming is used because the client is directly dealing with the front side of the browser. The objects display on the browser screen are the front-end component of the application.

For back-end development, server-side programming is used. So it deals with server and database. The server gets users’ requests and responds according to a user request. While the database contains data and information that is accessible by the server and through the server it is transferred to the user and display on their browser from where they have put request. 

Database Management 

DBMS is most important for the handling of a large amount of data used by multiple applications simultaneously. It is used to store, update, remove and also retrieve the data.

Database management systems improve sharing of data, data integrity. It also increases data consistency and security.      

Network security

Network security enhances the usability and integrity of the network by providing protection from multiple threats. It includes hardware as well as software technologies.

Network security, no doubt protects our system and ensures efficient network functionality but sometimes it can also become a cause of security breaches through malicious attacks. Your system can be hacked or can be attacked by viruses. 

Above all fields are the most demanding and emerging fields. One can secure his/her career.

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